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Healdsburg Condo – Letter of Recommendation

Soundproof doors and windows

FOSS CREEK VILLAS LLC                       FOSS CREEK CIRCLE, HEALDSBURG CA 95448200 May 15, 2009 To whom it may concern: I am the Managing Member of the Foss Creek Villas LLC. We have a 40 unit condo conversion in Central Healdsburg California ( ) The structure was built in 1988-89. It is a 2 story, wood framed […]

1,500 Noise Complaint Calls – East Bay


Hundreds of East Bay residents from several cities surrounding Oakland’s O. Co Coliseum spent Saturday night and early Sunday morning flooding local police with complaints about noise that traveled as far as San Leandro in one direction and Alameda in another. Alameda police alone received an estimated 1,500 calls. Read more of this article here: […]

Wheelie Suitcase Noise Banned in Venice


Tourists heading to Venice will need to budget extra for new baggage thanks to a bizarre new rule. Visitors trundling wheelie suitcases will be fined up to 500 euros, beginning in May 2015. The city’s reasoning for the ban? Noise pollution on the historic canal bridges. Authorities say that the noise of large tour groups […]

inter-noise 2015 Conference in San Francisco

INTER-NOISE 2015, the 44th International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering, will be held in San Francisco, California, United States of America, 9 -12 August 2015. The Congress is sponsored by the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering (I-INCE), and is being organized by the Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the United States […]