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inter-noise 2015 Conference in San Francisco

INTER-NOISE 2015, the 44th International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering, will be held in San Francisco, California, United States of America, 9 -12 August 2015. The Congress is sponsored by the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering (I-INCE), and is being organized by the Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the United States […]

“I found Lee and Peter both responsive and professional, and trusted them in my home. They were also in contact with me throughout until the project was completed to my satisfaction. I would call them again without hesitation for future work of this kind.”

I bought a condo in an old building facing a busy street in the Mission in SF and wanted some insulation from the elements. I got three brand new windows in my bedroom, custom window screens throughout my condo, and also new seals and gaps filled all around my front door. After the initial consultation […]

Noise Coming Through Walls Ceilings and Floors

Residential and commercial noise remedies for loud music, neighbor noise, studio or theater sound problems, open office space echo and other types of noise issues.

Home Office Soundproofing

We offer noise solutions for a wide range of residential and commercial noise problems.  We can significantly reduce or block the noise traveling through the walls of homes, offices, gyms, studios, rock band garage spaces,  and many other types of rooms.  Loud noise is no problem.