Our acoustic soundproofing services include Soundproofing Consulting, Soundproofing Installation and Remodeling, and Soundproofing Products.

Our other services include:

Architectural Acoustics

Acoustic Testing and Design Services
We provide acoustic testing and design services needed for an acoustical report to satisfy Title 25 and Section 1207 of the California State Building Code. Contact us to inquire about these services. 415-386-3344

Soundproofing Consulting

Soundproof consulting for the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and nationwide.

Seasoned, nuanced, soundproofing diagnoses and acoustical remedy from field experience of 5,000 site visits and 1,000 completed jobs in the Bay Area and Continuing Education from 100 conferences and trade shows over 15 years. All of this to be able to bring you the most optimal soundproofing remedies and a variety of choices to meet your home, building, personal and budget particular needs, to optimize results.

Consultation Fees

Most fees $150-$750, depends on scope and location. Please call for a fixed fee. Digital Testing services maybe higher.

Consulting available for different types of noise issues.

Airborne Noise
traffic, stereo, voices, live music…
Impact Noise
foot-falls, machinery vibration, plumbing noises, a/c noise, pool pumps, garage doors, compressors, & water pumps…
Reflective Noise
reverbration in restaurants, cafes, offices, gyms, sound studios, & more…