Mike – Bay Area

Noise reports

Hi Lee, Thanks for explaining the options in detail and for providing the link to simulate the reduction in noise.  After some careful consideration, … will likely sell and move rather than spend the money to improve this unit. I am happy that I invested the money in the sound testing… so I can have confidence when […]

Alan from Redwood Shores, CA


Your ceiling design and implementation worked great!  It’s nice and quiet upstairs in my office (can’t hear snoring from the bedroom), and it’s nice and quiet downstairs too (can’t hear me squeaking my chair, or the fans and power tools upstairs).

Laundromat Owner, Noe Valley, San Francisco

Hi Lee, I would like to express my appreciation regarding the sound wall and isolators that you had recommended for my laundromat. The combination works very well, and my neighbor [with a common wall] is pleased with the result. Also, your time and effort through out this project is appreciated, I would not hesitate to […]