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Bay Area Noise Control is a local San Francisco soundproofing company providing soundproofing consulting, soundproofing installations & remodeling.

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Bay Area Noise Control Soundproofing

Your Premier Soundproofing Experts in San Francisco

Welcome to Bay Area Noise Control Soundproofing, your trusted partner in creating quieter, more comfortable environments in the San Francisco Bay Area. Specializing in soundproofing installations, remodeling, and consulting, we are committed to providing top-notch soundproofing solutions for both residential and commercial spaces.

Noise Coming Through Walls Ceilings and Floors

Residential and commercial noise remedies for loud music, neighbor noise, studio or theater sound problems, open office space echo and other types of noise issues.

Bay Area Noise Control soundproofing specialists are a proud member of the following organizations:

Acoustical Society of America | Ceiling and Interior Construction Association | Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries | Institute of Noise Control Engineering | Sound

Construction Services offered through Soundproofing Remodelers. St. Contr. Lic. 916001

Our Recent

Award Winning Projects

Our past architectural projects include homes, condominiums, TIC’s, mixed-use buildings, offices, restaurants, hotels, recording studios, rehearsal studios, theatres, churches; laboratory, industrial and medical facilities. We are the re-modeling and retrofit specialists.

Experience the joy of a peaceful and noise-free environment with our professional soundproofing service. Contact us today for a consultation, and let us help you transform your space into a sanctuary of serenity. Say goodbye to noise and hello to tranquility!

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Bay Area Noise Control

Why Choose Us for Soundproofing in San Francisco?

Expert Soundproofing Installations

At Bay Area Noise Control Soundproofing, we use state-of-the-art materials and techniques to deliver superior soundproofing results. Our expert team handles everything from soundproofing walls and ceilings to floors and doors, ensuring a comprehensive solution that meets your needs.

Professional Soundproofing Remodeling

Whether you are renovating a home, office, or studio, our soundproofing remodeling services are designed to integrate seamlessly into your project. We work closely with contractors and architects to implement soundproofing measures that enhance the acoustic comfort of your space.

Soundproofing Consulting Services

Our soundproofing consulting services are perfect for those who need expert advice on reducing noise in their environment. We provide detailed assessments and recommend the best soundproofing strategies tailored to your specific situation.

Best Soundproofing Remodelers

(CA Lic. No: 916001)

Are you tired of constant noise disrupting your peace and tranquility? Need soundproofing installation? Here are some types of sound and noise control issues we can remedy for you. Experience a peaceful and noise-free environment with our professional soundproofing service. Ceilings, Walls, floors, windows, doors, mechanical, NOISE REMEDIES, DEISGNED AND INSTALLED.

  • Airborne noise, traffic sound, stereo sound, voice sound, live music.
  • Impact noise from footfalls or footstep sounds or machinery vibration.
  • Mechanical Equipment noise control.
  • Plumbing noise, pool pump sounds, garage doors.
  • Noise control for airborne, impact, echo reduction.
  • Compressor noise, water pump sound and more…
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What Our Clients Say

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"Lee, Just wanted to let you know that we are extremely happy with the noise abatement project you did for us. The windows look great. They keep out the noise problem we had. What I really appreciate was your helping customize a solution that really worked for us. Of all the home remodeling projects we did, we were happiest by far with your company’s work."
San Bruno
"I wanted to thank you and your team for doing a wonderful job insulating our house. Your attention to detail and extra little items such as plugging the front door peep hole and skylight cleaning and sealing were a very nice touch. If you ever need a recommendation, please let me know. Your team was professional and did a nice job cleaning up afterwards. Your pricing was better than the other two estimates as well! Thanks again."
San Francisco
"I wanted you to know that the windows are great and the noise is significantly reduced in the two bedrooms. I’m really happy with them. Thanks!"
San Francisco