Healdsburg Condo – Letter of Recommendation

FOSS CREEK VILLAS LLC                      


May 15, 2009

To whom it may concern:

I am the Managing Member of the Foss Creek Villas LLC. We have a 40 unit condo conversion in Central Healdsburg California ( www.fosscreekvillas.com )

The structure was built in 1988-89. It is a 2 story, wood framed construction. Although the walls between horizontal units are acoustically hung double drywall on two separate stud walls with a 2 1/2 inch air gap, the vertical separation between the floors was simply thermal insulation, carpet and pad with no acoustic consideration. This lead to sound transmission between the floors. Even though the remodel was done, we still wanted to reduce vertical sound transmission.

When we began to research solutions through various suppliers, contractors, and on the internet, Lee Brenner’s name kept coming up. It was then that we brought Lee  in as a consultant to tell us our options. He gave us a very comprehensive presentation in plain English ( which we very much appreciated). this included the various types of sound and their properties, the nature of sound transmission, and the social issues connected with sound nuisances. He also presented us with a variety of fixes from which we chose a solution that would provide the sound control we wanted without opening up the structure and fit within our budget.

Lee brought in a trained team to install a matrix on our second story floors which included mass loaded vinyl, cork decoupler, aggregate rubber pad, acoustical caulking, rebound 8# carpet pad and reinstalled our carpeting over the matrix. We had two units treated with Lee’s matrix and two other units treated with other products. we then brought in a sound engineer equipped with sound source amplified speakers and a real time analyzer. Lee’s acoustic matrix was found to be far superior at reducing both broad range and mid range noise. We then agreed to have Lee and his crew complete all the remaining units.

The job was completed well within the time and budget allotted. It was done professionally, and effectively. He was flexible with his crews so we could continue to show units while other were being worked on. His crews worked well with our crews and left the job clean and with no noticeable damage to surrounding walls


Lee added substantial value to the job by helping us understand several behavioral and social issues effecting sound. He helped us formulate house rules which are being added to the HOA manual. These include prohibitions from affixing speakers to walls,  placing speakers on decoupling cork on aggregate rubber pads, using acoustic hangers when hanging speakers from ceilings, and not removing the acoustic matrix when changing carpet.

My manager and I both felt we achieved the best possible solution working with Lee and his crew. We would not hesitate to hire them again or to recommend them to others.


Managing Member, Foss Creek Villas LLC,