Alan from Redwood Shores, CA


Your ceiling design and implementation worked great!  It’s nice and quiet upstairs in my office (can’t hear snoring from the bedroom), and it’s nice and quiet downstairs too (can’t hear me squeaking my chair, or the fans and power tools upstairs).

Mission District, San Francisco

Dear Lee, I am writing to let you know that Prescott and I are very pleased with the ceiling soundproofing you did in our place last September. We have the resources now to pursue having our den done in the same way. Please let us know how you would like to proceed. 

Laura, San Francisco

Hi Lee, So far, we definitely think that it is an improvement. When they are in their bedroom above ours, we haven’t heard them talking, TV etc. When they are in the hall or the room adjacent to the bedroom, their voices are transmitted to the bedroom. Closing the bedroom and den doors help quite […]

Ted, Palo Alto

Lee, The work seems to have done the trick [noise control ceiling]. I’m generally happy with everything; especially the soundproofing, which was the main thing. The crown molding was a nice touch and makes the rooms look much better.