Vince, Marina District, San Francisco

Lee, I just wanted to thank you for coming by to give me a consultation for my noise problem. You were extremely informative and helpful and were of great assistance in helping me solve my problem. I would also like to thank you for your referral to Mary Wagner. She is an extremely talented and […]

Stacey, San Francisco

Thanks so much for the informative presentation. We are still in the process of deciding which solution will be best for us and how soon we will want to proceed. At any rate, we feel much more comfortable knowing we have been well-informed and will be able to make an educated decision about what is […]

John, San Francisco and New York

Lee, thanks for the consultatation today and the list of options you have at hand. I certainly learned a lot and have quite a bit to think about here. I will read the materials you sent along tomorrow morning. Chances are, I will have a few questions for you coming out of that. (You know, […]

Non-profit offices, Oakland

Mr. Brenner, Thank you for your educational visit yesterday. As a result of your visit, the powers that be have decided to shuffle people around and supply two separate offices for our interviewers. Thank you for your suggestions and price quotes, but you do not have to research the items we had discussed. Your consultation […]

Larry P

Bay Area Noise Control’s consulting helped me reduce the noise and I wish I had done it years ago. Mr. Brenner knows his business and is worth the consulting fee.